Rinpoche doing preta offering and Dzambala practice early in the morning, Australia, April 2018. Photo: Ven Roger Kunsang.

You can order a print or ebook version of Lamrim Year.

The Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive website provides access to thousands of pages of resources to accompany you on your path.

The following are included in the Lamrim Year Appendices:

The Foundation of All Good Qualities by Lama Tsongkhapa – Lama Zopa Rinpoche recommends reciting at least one complete lamrim overview each day.

Lamrim Outline: This PDF outline of lamrim topics provides a navigational guide and point of reference for the daily meditations in Lamrim Year. It is based on the renowned book Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand by Pabongka Rinpoche.

We have also compiled a Lamrim Year Crosswalk, a navigational guide created to support students who wish to extend their understanding of the teachings found in Lamrim Year by reading the corresponding section of Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand.

Suggested Further Reading: A reference list of useful books to deepen your understanding and to support your study and practice. 

The following are sources for the teachings included in Lamrim Year:

Sources by Author: Links to the source texts used in Lamrim Year, sorted by author and type of publication.

Sources by Topic: Links to the source texts used in Lamrim Year, sorted by topic and type of publication.